Wordpress & Vue-JS: Internet Explorer 11 support about to be dropped

Vue 3.x

Currently there is a lively discussion in the Vue community: Will IE11 support be discontinued? The debate is triggered by a RFC from Evan You (founder of Vue), in which he proposes to discontinue support for IE11 in Vue 3.x.. You can read a detailed description here. His main arguments are:

  • it needs a completely different implementation of the reactivity system on which Vue is built for IE11. This of course increases the effort significantly.
  • IE11 support holds up Vue development for
  • additional complexity for third party plugins/libraries
  • renewed support would only help to maintain IE11

A consolation for companies & developers who are still dependent on IE11 support is that as many features as possible will be ported from Vue 3 to Vue 2.7. Vue 2.x has always supported IE11.


By the way, recently this discussion already took place for another, even more widespread platform: Wordpress. Here it was decided to no longer support Internet Explorer 11 in the future (see here).


Microsoft itself already announces that it will no longer support IE11 for its own products, which of course gives the whole thing an additional dynamic. For example, support for Microsoft Teams was already discontinued in November 2020, and Microsoft 365 is supposed to follow in August 2021 (source: Microsoft).


All in all, I think it's the right step to finally get rid of this legacy and look forward. Holding on to IE support would only slow down further development. When a system like Wordpress, which is the basis for a huge number of websites all over the internet, gives up support, it creates a momentum that many other systems can and should use.