Blog articles

Creating dynamic og-images with nuxt-og-image


Ever wanted to have cool preview images for your blogarticles? Me too! That's why I added them to my blog using nuxt-og-image.

App like transitions with Nuxt 3 and view transition api


Since some time view transition api is supported in Nuxt 3. I never really paid much attention, but since the topic got hotter lately, I wanted to explore it a little.

Order tags in HTML head with Nuxt 3


Sometimes you need full control over the order of tags in the head of your HTML document. This article shows you how to achieve it when using Nuxt 3.

Change Nuxt module registration programmatically


Nuxt brings huge customization possibilities. This doesn't exclude its modules system, which can be customized programmatically, which is quite handy when using Nuxt's new layer feature.

Adding a nuxt module from another module


This blogpost will show how to install and register a nuxt module from another nuxt module.

Wordpress & VueJS: Dropping Internet Explorer 11 support


Major platforms and companies like Wordpress, Microsoft and now VueJS announce that they will no longer support Internet Explorer in the future. What are the reasons and is this the right way to go?

Using the browser vibration API


In addition to the prominent features of Progressive Web Apps, there are also less focused features. One of them is the ability to control the vibration of a device.

Experiences from the first Shopware PWA project


Tips, tricks and experience I gained while implementing my first project with Shopware PWA.

Shopware going headless


The world of e-commerce has changed dramatically over the last two decades, from simple online stores to multichannel strategies (platforms such as eBay, Amazon) and mobile apps to unified commerce. Shopware can take a central position here...

@nuxt/content + blog = 😍


With the new nuxt module "@nuxt/content" it is easy to create a static blog. In this article I would like to show how this blog was created with the help of @nuxt/content.

First practical experience with Magento PWA-Studio


At the Meet Magento 2019 I had many conversations about PWA-Studio and had to realize that there is still almost no practical experience with it and therefore there is a lot of uncertainty about it. For this reason I want to share my experiences and thoughts from the daily work on our first project with PWA-Studio here.

Introduction to React Hooks


In the last few weeks, there is actually only one topic in the React community: React Hooks. The presentation of this new React feature at the React Conf at the end of October 2018 has caused a bright, mostly positive excitement in the community. But why is this feature so hyped, what exactly are these Hooks and how are they used?