Hi! I am Niklas Wolf, web engineer from Munich.

Since finishing my master studies I am now working for over seven years in web development.

Since over five years I am developing e-commerce projects at Mothership GmbH for well known brands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My focus is on headless/PWA storefronts using the Javascript libraries Vue-JS and React for Shopware 6 and Magento 2. But I also feel at home in the PHP world.

Privately I am an enthusiastic musician, I love sports (especially soccer and american football) and everything that has to do with technology!
But I also love design work - in short: "I love to create!

Newest blogpost

Creating dynamic og-images with nuxt-og-image


Ever wanted to have cool preview images for your blogarticles? Me too! That's why I added them to my blog using nuxt-og-image.